tatuajes bonitos

‪ ‬˗ˏˋ‪ ‬˗ˏˋ??????ˎˊ˗?‪ ‬ˎˊ˗

‪ ‬˗ˏˋ‪ ‬˗ˏˋ??????ˎˊ˗?‪ ‬ˎˊ˗

A semicolon tattoo with the upper dot fading into birds. This is definitely a great design for simplicity but for the best story.

Eye reference stylized by KingAngel-Z

PJ DeVito on Instagram: “Why are cis men the ones deciding what women and other people who get pregnant are allowed to do with THEIR bodies? It’s 2019…the shit…”

23 schönsten Sonnen- und Mond Tattoo Ideen | StayGlam #IDEEN #Mond #schönsten #Sonnen #StayGlam

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Star Wars Couples tattoo

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